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Professor Hao Xiaotao's team Qin Wei et al. have made progress in the study of magneto-optical effect of organic chiral crystals

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With the increasing functionality of organic semiconductor functional materials, their application fields are expanding year by year, and their novel effects have gradually attracted people's attention. Recently, Professor Hao Xiaotao's team introduced the orbital angular momentum induced by the spiral structure of organic chiral crystals through the preparation of organic chiral crystals and chiral charge transfer crystals, realizing the spontaneous polarization of spins in organic chiral systems and the adjustment of spin polarization by polarized light. The relevant results are published in the journal ACS Nano (impact factor 13.7) by Organic Chiral Charge Transfer Magnets. The first author of the paper is Wang Zhongxuan, a 2017-level doctoral student from the Institute of Physics, the correspondence author is Qin Wei, and Shandong University is the first author unit. In addition to the rich optical properties of organic chiral crystals and organic eutectic, a series of new phenomena such as spin spontaneous polarization, magnetic fluorescence and magneto-optical coupling effect have filled the gap in the research direction of organic crystals. In the past two years, relying on the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, the research on organic chiral crystals and intraeutectic magneto-optical effect has been carried out. The related work has been published in ACS Nano, Adv. Opt. Mater, APL and other journals. The research work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, the special fund for Mount Tai scholars in Shandong Province, the Qilu Young Scholars Fund and the basic research business expenses of Shandong University. Related links:

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