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The Institute of Theoretical Physics of our college published a long review paper in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics.

Release date : Jun 17, 2019office viewed :

Associate Professor Liu Yanrui and Professor Chen Wei of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Chen Huaxing of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Liu Xiang of Lanzhou University and Professor Zhu Shilin of Peking University jointly completed a long-term invitation review paper entitled "Pentaquark and tetraquark states" which was published in the latest authoritative review journal "Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics" (impact factor: 11.049) [Progress i] Liu Yanrui is the first author. New hadronic state physics has always been one of the hot frontier directions in high-energy physics research. Especially since the discovery of X(3872) particles in 2003 and crypto-pentaquark particles in 2015, the study of multi-quark states has attracted extensive attention. Liu Yanrui has been carrying out theoretical research in this direction for a long time, and has made a series of important achievements with his collaborators in the international frontier hot spot of multi-quark matter search. Their work has received extensive attention from international peers. Since 2017, he has published two long review papers in two authoritative review journals, Reports on Progress in Physics (IF = 14.257) and Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics. In the current review paper [Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 107 (2019) 237-320], the author systematically summarizes the latest advances in the theory of multi-quark new hadron states in recent ten years, such as experiments, various phenomenological models and lattice quantum chromodynamics, and looks forward to the future development of new hadron state physics. Full Text Link:

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